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Wesley E. Maughan
Founder & Chief Executive
"The Facilitator"
Wes has 42 years of global leadership experience in … Energy, Water, Agriculture, Shelter, Defense, Transportation, and Communications.

He has operated at the C-Level for major corporations on four continents ... since 1980 ... 35 years of C-Level … Strategic Leadership, Management, and Command & Control.

Wes is an Innovator, Formulator, Producer, Implementer, Mr. Fix-It, and Mentor.

He is recognized throughout the world for his ... Brilliant Execution In All Things … Strategic, Operational, Tactical, Political, Financial, Fiscal, Social, and Cultural.

He has spent the past 20 years … Creating & Optimizing The … Technologies, Policies, Processes, and Politics … to enable the implementation of our ... various initiatives.

Mr. George Devine
Chief Operations Officer (COO)
"The Hammer"
George ... has 32 years of C-Level Automotive, Water, Shelter, Business Management, and Community Relations experience.  He is the finest creative solution provider we have ever seen ... On Four Continents ... in 42 years of looking.

George has it all ... creativity, unprecedented execution, unparalleled problem resolution, strong fiscal and financial acumen, poise, humor ... and ... most importantly ... process control !!!!!!!
Mr. "Bud" Herman
"The Buzz Saw"
Bud is our facilities guy ... the best we have found on this continent.  He has 30 years of exceptional, varied, and proven experience in every aspect of facilities management.

Bud is a one man dynamo that can achieve the work of three while making it look all too easy !!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Charles Smith
Charlie is our "Water" Guy Extraordinaire ... it doesn't get any better than Charlie and Water ... he has 35 years of Water, Energy, and Sales Experience ... Globally ... with Fortune 500 companies.
Mr. Bill Yerkes
Small Engines
Bill is our "Small Engines" Guy ... he is the best small engines guy we have ever known. Bill knows every aspect of the small engines business. He has run his own Yerkes Repair Station for 35 years. If it cuts, mows, blows, bails, digs, churns, pumps, bores, climbs, transports, and / or trims ... Bill knows all there is to know ... has done all there is to be done ... and ... has repaired all there is to be repaired.
Mr. Dave Giljam
Dave is our Global Command & Control Systems Geek, our Crypie, our Stainless Steel Guy, our Spook ... and ... much , much more.
Maughan Industries … "Creating What Should Be !!!!!!!"

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