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1.Natural Gas (NG)
2.Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
3.Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)
4.Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs)
5.Water Based Energy

Natural Gas (NG)

Natural Gas (NG) is a methane based product used around the world for heating, cooking, cooling, and electrical power generation. It is distributed and delivered via pipelines ... globally. Maughan Industries owns natural gas source wells, global pipeline systems, and global storage systems to insure end-to-end command and control (C2) of our product.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is Natural Gas (NG) compressed to between 3200 psi and 3600 psi. CNG is bottled gas ... similar to propane ... but... 6 times more compressed than Natural Gas and Cheaper (50%) ... Cleaner (25%) ... and Safer (75%).
Maughan Industries owns various global pipeline systems for natural gas supply ... a global network of NG Compression Stations to produce CNG ... a global network of CNG Storage Tanks ... and ... a global network of CNG Sales Outlets ... on five continents.

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is natural gas cooled to minus 262 degrees Fahrenheit, so the gas turns to a liquid. It is compressed to 600 times more than Natural Gas. LNG is stored in double walled stainless steel or foam / fiberglass composite tanks ... with 100% nitrogen between the walls of the inner and outer tanks, to prevent the possibility of fire and / or explosion.
LNG is the preferred form for Global Transshipment an Delivery of Natural Gas. LNG is also the preferred / safest form for long term storage of Natural Gas.
LNG is transported overseas using medium and large sized LNG Carriers ranging in capacity of 25,000 cubic meters to 175,000 cubic meters of LNG. LNG can also be shipped by rail and truck.
Maughan Industries has a global network of LNG Liquefaction Stations, LNG Storage Facilities, LNG Carriers, LNG Rail Cars, and LNG Tanker Trucks.


LNG is inert and not flammable when stored as a liquid. Once LNG warms and returns to a gaseous state ... it will burn ... BUT ... unlike Propane ... LNG is lighter than air. If a leak should occur ... the natural gas rises.
If it is ignited ... it burns … Flares … high above any person, car, truck, home, mobile home, building and / or food vendor truck.
LNG is much safer than Propane, Heating Oil, Diesel, Gasoline and / or Coal.
In the 70 years that LNG has been produced, stored, distributed, and sold ...

Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs)

Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) are liquids that contain various amounts of ... Ethane ... Methane ... Propane ... Butane … Pentane. These liquids are transported to special refineries that process the NGLs into 100% pure ... Ethane ... Methane ... Propane ... Butane … Pentane.
NGLs can be transported by pipeline, tanker truck, rail car, and NGL Carriers (ships).
Maughan Industries has a global supply of NGLs, transports NGLs globally by all approved means, sells, refines, stores, and distributes the pure NGLs.

Water Based Energy

Water Based Energy uses Salt Water (our Oceans) and Lithium to create energy. Maughan Industries holds all patents for Water Based Energy. We start with salt water, desalinate, sell the salt and potable water (the most scarce resource on the planet), add Lithium … and create … Energy … massive amounts of clean, cheap, sustainable, renewable … Energy. We harvest Hydrogen in the process and sell that product in Industrial Markets.

Maughan Industries … "Creating What Should Be !!!!!!!"

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