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We are seeking $50 million to $250 billion in Investor Capital to meet our near and intermediate term Acquisition Goals.

Maughan Industries is aggressively building a Global Energy Presence (footprint) in Natural Gas (NG) , Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs), Water Based Energy, Solar, Wind (vertical wind turbines), and Wave Motion.

We shall be the largest LNG and Water Based Energy Producer and Distributor in the world within 5 years.

We are focused upon seven (7) industries … Energy, Water, Food, Shelter, Defense, Transportation, and Communication.  We shall become either first, second, or third in each of those industries.

We shall own Energy supplies, distribution systems, storage facilities, and transportation assets of various types ... pipelines, tanker trucks, rail cars, LNG and NGL Carriers (ships).

We plan to own our Global Command & Control System, our Global Customer Education, Global Marketing Systems, and our Global Political Discourse Systems.

We are seeking $50 million to $250 billion in Investor Capital.  Why?  Answer … we have a very clear and concise Business Plan that requires that level of capital investment.  The world has tremendous amounts of unallocated capital looking for a safe and secure place to go to work.  Maughan Industries LLC is the solution to your problems !!!!!!!

Methodology:  Current SEC Rules allow us to raise up to $50 million in capital before we are required to register with the SEC.  As we have stated, Maughan Industries is focused upon seven (7) industries.  Consequently, we shall create, own and direct  a legal corporate entity for each of those 7 industries.  Maughan Industries LLC will be the "Parent Company" … the sole Owner of our 7 Industry Segment Companies.

Given current regulations, we can raise up to … $400 million in capital for the collective 8 companies (Maughan Industries plus 7).

Additionally, we will create 7 to 11 companies within each Industry Segment !!!!!!!  Consequently, we areauthorized to raise up to a maximum of $3.85 billion for the Sub-Industry Segments.

Maximum Capital Legal Capacity Limit Prior To Registering With The SEC … $4.25 billion.

We will begin the process of registering with the SEC immediately.  By the time we approach our $4.25 billion capital limit, we shall have achieved full SEC Registration and have the legal and financial systems in place allowing us to raise unlimited amounts of Capital.

Maughan Industries … "Creating What Should Be !!!!!!!"

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